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    Primary approach has opened this series in 2016.

    7th cords

    New tunes film the mind scape from various angles.

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    Line up all takes of new impromptus from “SEVEN”.

    CC BY-SA 4.0

    All works are based on the license for recreation.

  • Pieces of Travel

    Great view give us inspirations

    1 nimbus (take1) 6:22

    Dazzle Impromptu No.1

    2 nimbus (take2) 6:24

    Dazzle Impromptu No.1

    3 nimbus (take3) 7:34

    Dazzle Impromptu No.1

    4 hectopascal (take1) 5:22

    Dazzle Impromptu No.2

    5 hectopascal (take2) 4:34

    Dazzle Impromptu No.2

    6 hectopascal (take3) 6:00

    Dazzle Impromptu No.2

    7 spectrum (take1) 8:22

    Dazzle Impromptu No.3

    8 spectrum (take2) 9:14

    Dazzle Impromptu No.3

    9 spectrum (take3) 5:32

    Dazzle Impromptu No.3

    10 spectrum (take4) 6:56

    Dazzle Impromptu No.3

    11 spectrum (take5) 4:54

    Dazzle Impromptu No.3

    12 spectrum (take6) 6:22

    Dazzle Impromptu No.3

  • Artist: mivjm

    Piano, Compose

    He was born in Kitakyushu in 1975, real-name is Masashi Motokado. After dropped out "Aplication performance department" in Kunitachi college of music, he experienced Music production studio "abrir", "Human life IT development center" in Kyushu institute of technology, and Interactive solution company "SHIKUMI DESIGN", where he engaged in work of compose and arrangement. Since 2013, he is a freelance musician. His favorites are to swim, to eat, to walk, and to sleep. His elusive life and music have been mostly published on Twitter.



    Label: natural G

    Impromptu, Transcription

    His playing has only freshness feelings each time with No score, No plan, No practice, No model. Just play naturally as if walking... That’s all. Each rich sound, which penetrate a core without stiffness. It sounds like pure water, which drops from a leave wrapped with morning dew. It comfortably sounds as if fairly moisten a thirsty throat. It is surprising that he says that he has just started regeneration of the base of his music creation.



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  • Making

    Documentary theater

    recording nimbus take 1~3

    Rec "nimbus" take1~3

    recording hectopascal take 1~3

    Rec "hectopascal" take1~3

    recording spectrum take 1~3

    Rec "spectrum" take1~3

    recording spectrum tale4~6

    Rec "spectrum" take4~6

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